I have asked my clients to state in their own words why they decided to get blessed, how it worked for them, and what impressions they had. I felt it would be best if I let the people speak for themselves. Please read and enjoy the testimonials below and allow yourself to be inspired!

Klara Schneider
Klara Schneider Koblenz
Nowadays commitments are so numerous that I lose track of clarity. Also, there isn't always the one obvious solution path that you would then just have to take and everything will be fine.
And finally, I want things to work out well not only for ME, but for everyone involved and those around me.
But I cannot "do" all this by thinking; it must fit. And it should fit well.
Or better yet: Optimally!!!
That's what Cornelia Blochberger's blessings are for:
That things fall into place in the best possible way.
That the best solutions open up.
That clarity and harmony emerge.

Her blessings support both myself and my family in our health, existence and personal development. They ensure that projects find their optimal course.

And they leave me in these uncertain times with the certainty that I have done all I can to turn things around.

For over 10 years, Ms. Blochberger has accompanied us in both professional and private issues.
The cooperation is very unbureaucratic. processes are addressed by telephone,
that "do not run smoothly" or where support is needed.
After Conny has blessed, there is feedback on the assigned topic in a telephone call.

Often, this results in new perspectives/impulses or for example staffing, investment planning, restructuring, product development, order processing - the blessing instrument can be used in many ways.

We appreciate Conny's personal, positive and conscientious manner and look forward to exciting, new tasks where we come back to the blessing work.

Thank you very much, dear Conny - keep up the good work.

Mary T
Mary T Switzerland
Cornelia has been on our side for years with her precious blessings in all areas of life, regarding health, professional or family matters. Through her strong intuition, she knows us very well and has become a friend. We can openly talk to her about confidential, difficult and delicate matters.

Cornelia exactly gets “where we have a problem”, catches and analyses the situation intuitively. She suggests which impulses are suitable for the blessing, then carries out the blessing in mutual agreement and disturbing blocades vanish, sometime faster, sometime slower.

She always understands the need for action in a very focused way, feels exactly how the situation is, gives feedback after the blessing, which is usually amazingly accurate. She simply sees very subtle levels and where things are stuck, revealing aspects that I’m not able to see on my own.

We really do appreciate Cornelia very much, she communicates cheerfully and good mooded, she always gets to the point with positive suggestions. She has grown on our hearts and has reached a level of permanent precious support for us. May she continue to bless so successfully for many years and have lots of fun doing it!

Mary T

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