Cornelia BlochbergerHello and welcome ! So glad that you found me.

Can I help you?

For 20 years now I have been supporting people on their way and in their development. Through my 30 years of training in perception techniques (Klaus Jungmann, Völklingen) I am now an "old hand" in this special kind of spiritual and emotional support.

The curious and inclined reader can now get a deeper insight into our work. I am not alone. There are around 100 members of our work throughout Germany. As far as I know, however, I am the only one who offers this kind of work professionally. I have come a long way from the initial secrecy in public work to over a period of almost 20 years. With all my experience behind it. I enjoy it, that's why I offer it. Success confirms this and has led me further and further with courage to offer it.


We call it blessing because it is a beneficial action that we carry out.
It is not religious, but free and individual in character.
A blessing comes from an action of love and joy for the best development of the client.


The work on the place of power gives the depth and supports the fulfillment of the blessing.
The client who commissions the blessing goes into action and implements the impulse for himself.
The impulse arises from a good feeling to take the next step.
Sounds simple, and it is. From simple, quiet moments, new things emerge.

I also pass on these techniques to my groups in practical classes.
I am aware that this may require some explanation. I am always open for discussions and questions.
I like to work in the background, "behind the scenes." This makes everything quiet and relaxed. Quiet, unagitated and stable, that is what gives strength and encourages to the next step!


Under the tab "Entrepreneur" you will find my downloadable company flyer (in German language), which gives you an insight into my field of expertise "Blessing for Business". For more information, feel free to contact me.
Under "Testimonials" you will find some statements of my clients, their motivation to be supported and some of their experiences.


To relieve physical tension come to my practice in Sinzing:
„Naturheilpraxis Blochberger“  - „ Naturopathic Practice“.
Mind, body and soul - inseparable in my eyes - should definitely be considered as a whole. Therefore: Get yourselve a motivational boost from me on a holistic level for your development and spiritual growth!


Once again: how and with what can I support you? What do you want to develop and evolve?

Feel free to call me and together we will find a way that fits you exactly!
+49 171 320 51 50

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