They just stand there - these incomparable little sanctuaries - in mostly exposed places and irresistibly radiate their silent, majestic power. Besides churches, there are also springs, sanctuaries, ruins, Celtic settlements are places from which a great magic and aura emanates. They are subconsciously attractive to many people who like to spend time there.



Small jewels by the wayside, unfathomable and yet attractive. 
In these places the blessings are made, because the power and energy is bundled there and allows a good access to the level where one can reach an impulse for change.


They have always been there, no one will ever own them.

They have been around longer than know and will be here long after we are gone. This network runs through the whole universe.


A more pleasant "workplace" than in nature and in these churches, I could not wish for.

Sometimes they are springs, stones or places from ancient times, where the sages met to consult, so-called thing places.


Look around your surroundings, we do not have to fly to the pyramids to enjoy positive atmosphere and power.

Every person, at least in his childhood, has found a place where he feels completely comfortable and to which you always like to return.

Sometimes a tree, a spring, a beautiful clearing or a mysterious stone circle, you can find such places everywhere .

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