Thanks to the training under Klaus Jungmann the druid in me has been reactivated and I am now able to help people in a very special way:

By blessing them

Blessing is a very helpful method of aiding and supporting areas which require particular attention. Especially if you are trying to change something for the better.
People come to me with a wide variety of requests and wishes concerning e.g. relationships, children, health, finances, general or spiritual development, exams, court proceedings, development at work, or general support for companies.
The list is endless, and every person has different requirements for their individual development.

I was fortunate to gain considerable experience and help a lot of people in all these areas over the past few years.

However, what is being support is the course of natural development, not just the "will" of the wishing person.
If blessing were "result oriented", it would be rigid and manipulative. This is not what’s intended by the druidic way.
The purpose is to the natural development, at which point changes happen on their own.

Blessing encourages and supports the autonomy and self-responsibility of my clients to a very great extent. This is very important to me.
It would not do much good to simply ”order“ the change of something one wishes to be changed without getting actively involved in the process. Rather than a learning process, the result would be a repression process which would also result in a certain dependence. I encounter free and lucid people in my work, even though there are certain phases in everyone’s life when help and support are needed.
The flow inherent in this process makes it all so exciting: "What will be the outcome?"... it’s a unique experience every single time.
A nice analogy: imagine rocks being cleared from a streambed to allow the water to flow more freely and without obstructions.


A practice which has proven very useful is to administer the blessing for about a month, i.e. the issue is “worked on” several times during a month.
The results are then discussed either over the phone or during treatment at the office.

That way a client can decide at the end of every moment whether he or she wants to continue with or without support or whether he or she is satisfied with the results.
A monthly fee is agreed for this service, depending on the complexity of the blessing and/or the time used for the consultations or phone calls.
It is also very helpful to start working a certain issue as early as possible on, e.g. in case of examinations or court proceedings where the date is known, to ensure plenty of lead time for achieving positive support in the matter.

Obviously it’s not the blessings the clients pay for, which are beyond any price tag of this world. It is the spent on discussing the processes and further course of action.
The entire process is called: "Psychological and spiritual life coaching and help."

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