Where does it come from?

For 30 years I have been training in perception, spiritual healing and healing with gemstones with my teacher and friend Klaus Jungmann, Völklingen. Text: "Druidism today

I started teaching groups 12 years ago. Blessing is one of the techniques of this training and school.

20 years ago I started doing "blessings" for the patients of my naturopathic practice. The positive outcomes from my patients have spread by word of mouth and so the successes have spread over time and so entrepreneurs, company owners and self-employed people have also used and appreciated my skills. This has resulted in the "Blessing for Business".

Entrepreneurs are often alone at the top of business and are grateful for support and a holistic view. At least that is my experience. That's me and my work is pure joy for me. I have found my dharma, my purpose in this lifetime. Helping people in their development feels good and comes easily to me. My emotional ability to feel deeply and my clairvoyant vein also comes in handy.


In the meantime, I have met some lovely people all over the world who appreciate my help. Since the world has become very manageable thanks to the Internet, I also offer Skype consultations.

There are places of mystical power all over the world. Today they are often unconscious destinations. In the past they were used by priests or druids for rituals, which supported people positively in health and togetherness.

Since Megalithic times these places have existed. They connect the whole cosmos with each other in an invisible, but still tangible force. In perception educated people can feel and use these places to promote development and spiritual growth.

It is important to be in harmony with nature, that is, to follow a voluntary process that arises by itself. We promote in the blessing best development with the support of these power places. Voluntarily and without pressure may grow, what is just now. But a little impulse is still helpful. Action follows attention.


To be able to convince myself of my "blessing for business", I offer the initial planning meeting for your support and a first blessing free of charge. This free "taster" is very important to me, because my activity is based on mutual trust.

After that we can start with a first month of blessing for your business with your agreement. This includes one month of weekly blessings as well as a weekly conversation. The costs depend on the effort, i.e. how many topics are to be dealt with and start at 180,00 Euro net per month. I will gladly send you a transparent price list. There is a discount for multiple bookings. The invoices are consulting invoices with VAT.


Reliability and loyalty are mutual.

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